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Rakugo in English

Come and join us to enjoy English rakugo performance on Kashiwa Campus! Rakugo is a traditional Japanese comic storytelling which has been around for over 400 years. English rakugo is a new type of rakugo performance that will bring laughter throughout the world.

Date / Time

Friday, Nov. 25     17:00-19:00

Media Hall, Kashiwa Library, UTokyo

Performer and Program

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"東京英語落語かい枝会" members

1. What’s Rakugo? 落語紹介
   -Merlin & Ryokan-

2. Short Stories 小噺  -Ryokan-

3. Zoo 動物園  -Lighter-

4. Tengu 天狗裁き -Kako-

  Japanese Dancing 客席踊り -Kako-

  ~~Intermission 仲入り~~

5. Tenshiki 転失気 -Nagaya-

6. Opposite Personalities 長短   -Bungu-
「日本の国旗 無料」の画像検索結果 Language used: Japanese

7. Chiri-Tote-Chin ちりとてちん -Daisuke-

Entrance Fee FREE!

We will be serving free coffee and tea at "Community Salon".

*No food and drink is allowed inside the performance room (Media Hall)


    Application Method : Advance application required.   

[ PDF File ]       

Updated: Nov. 15, 2016

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