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Non-accredited Nursery Schools

There are non-accredited nursery schools which are not certified by a local municipal government. (Some non accredited nurseries have passed of the regulations for the facility or number of staff members and receive some funding from local government.) Unlike the accredited nurseries, children from ages 0 to 5 may be applicable despite their guardians' labor participation. Generally, the fees are higher than accredited nurseries. The fees are set by the respective facilities and are applied to children regardless of their guardians' income.


How to apply

Application should take place directly at the nursery school.



Kashiwa City
List of Non-Accredited Nursery Schools in Kashiwa City (Japanese only)

 Contact: Kashiwa City Hall, Nursery Division (Tel. 04-7167-1111)


Nagareyama City

 Contact: Nagareyama City Hall, Nursery Division (Tel. 04-7158-6124)



Updated: Sept. 4, 2017

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