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Accredited Nursery Schools

Nursery schools are welfare facilities for children whose guardians have difficulties during the daytime to take enough care of their children from ages 0 to 5 due to the reasons such as guardians' employment or attending school. These nurseries have met the criteria by the Japanese government and are largely assisted by government funding. Municipality determine the fee according to the age of the child and guardians' income that is paid the previous year. There are publicly-run nursery schools and privately-owned nursery schools. Nursery schools usually operate from 7am until past 7pm (it depends on the facilities).


How to apply

Application for entrance into accredited nursery schools takes place at the municipal office of the area the nursery is located. Application takes place throughout the year. Deadline of application is usually set each month for the following month, but for children wishing to enter a nursery school in April, applications usually take place during October-November of the previous year. Please contact the local municipal office about the deadline of applications for each facility.



Kashiwa City
List of Accredited Nursery Schools in Kashiwa City (Japanese only)

 Contact: Kashiwa City Hall, Nursery Division (Tel. 04-7167-1111, ext. 411)


Nagareyama City
Map of Nursery Schools in Nagareyama City (Japanese only)

 Contact: Nagareyama City Hall, Nursery Division (Tel. 04-7158-6124)



Updated: Sept. 4, 2017

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