Tips for technical writing

Technical Writing Seminar 2014 Summer

The Technical Writing & Presentation Courses were originally designed to stress speaking and presentation skills, however, classes specially focusing on writing skills are in high demand. In response, KIO will be holding a seminar about technical writing.


Seminar Information

① What is the “IMRAD” style?
② Important points when you write each section (Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, and Discussion)
③ Common writing mistakes
 How to paraphrase
 Words and phrases which may cause grave misunderstanding
 How to cite other papers
 How to use verb tense
 How to maintain consistency throughout the paper
④ Skills to get searched and read, and how to choose good titles and key words
⑤ Publication ethics
 Duration of the seminar is about 2 hours.

Seminar Day Time Place

Technical Writing Seminar


September 25 (Thur), 2014


Media Hall ,

Kashiwa Library


Application Start Application End Instructor Capacity

September 1,


September 18 (Thur), 2014

Mary Nishikawa



*The instructor will NOT check your own writing. Please use "English Consulting Office Hours" for personal advice from the instructor.

 Application Procedure

Please apply from here


Please direct any questions to KIO. (

Updated: Aug. 28, 2014

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