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English Consulting Office Hours 

Kashiwa International Office offers "English Consulting Office Hours" by John Freeman to help solve English-related questions related to study and research activities or university administration.


Tue~Thur, 10:00~16:00 (30 min/session or as required)

*Please confirm the schedule before the application.

Place Kashiwa International Office (Environmental Studies Bldg. 1st fl, Room 124)


I'm John Freeman attached to GPSS-GLI and is also involved in helping internationalize GSFS more. I’ve been helping students, administrative staff, professors, researchers, businesspeople and others in Japan for nearly 40 years and have recently started English consulting services here on the Kashiwa campus since February 2010. If you have any English problems and need some assistance, please contact KIO for an appointment and I will be more than happy to do what I can to help you.



For students, rewriting or editing of grade-related materials is not accepted. Only guidance on English-related points will be provided. (Please consult KIO if you have any questions.) For staff, we rewrite and edit materials.

When the material is a translation,please bring an original copy of Japanese document(s).
1) Word file document is limited up to double space 5 pages(A4) . Please insert your name and page number into document footer. And if possible, please note the name of the journal when the document is submitted.
2) PPT presentation material is limited up to 20 slides
and please note the name of the international conference and when it is to be held.

Spellcheck your document before submitting.

No handwritten manuscripts accepted.

Reservations must be done 3 working days prior to the preferred date. (Exceptions are made only in emergencies.)

Purpose of English Consulting Office Hour is to help solve English-related questions related to study and research activities or university administration.  If you need English editing and proofreading for journal, please use Editing Support Services

To improve our services, we will ask you to fill out a questionaire after the consulting service. Please fill in a questionarire from here.


Schedule for AY 2018

Please confirm the schedule by clicking the icon below.

*The schedule can be changed in the middle of the year.

(Updated on May 17)

Appointment Procedure



Updated: May 17, 2018

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