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Japanese Language Classes

On Campus

International Liaison Office, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences

International students / researchers and their family members may join the classes. Please refer to the website for further information on the classes.

Outside Campus

KIRA (Kashiwa International Relations Association)

KIRA offers Japanese language to foreigners. There are many classes of varying levels: from Beginner’s class for non-Japanese speaking persons to Advanced classes for those who wish to improve the Japanese they already possess. Please participate in one of our classes to strengthen your Japanese ability. They also offers cooking classes for multi-national food, ikebana, kimono, and other activities that introduce Japanese culture to foreigners.

NIFA (Nagareyama International Friendship Association)

NIFA offers Japanese language lessons to foreigners.There are several classes of varying levels. They also provides opportunities for communication among foreignes.


Updated: March 1, 2018

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