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NEW Technical Writing Seminar AY 2017



Seminar Information

KIO is organizing a special one day (2 sessions: 100 mins each) Technical Writing Seminar on Thursday September 21 that specifically deals with English writing skills.


Session 1 of the seminar will begin with a simple review of the responsibilities of the writer and those of the reader. The instructor will then review common errors encountered among GSFS students and other important points of good technical writing. Examples will be taken from writings submitted by seminar participants* and will likely include such topics as choosing proper words, avoiding complexity and ambiguity, being concise, using strong phrasing, establishing importance, being consistent, paragraph beginnings, among other points. This session will deal with English problems at the sentence level.


Session 2 will deal with English problems at the paragraph level such as paragraph structure (data-driven vs. argument-driven), logical flow of ideas, transitions, unity, coherence, and conciseness.






Technical Writing Seminar

September 21,

Session 1  10:00-11:40
Session 2  13:30-15:10


Application Starts

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August 17, 2017

September 7, 2017

John Freeman


 *For those wishing to receive feedback on your writing, please submit technical writing pieces of 3-4 paragraphs in English (abstract or introduction of your paper, theme not specified). Please use your name as the file name (e.g. Todai_Taro.docx) and click the image below to upload the file by September 7.


(Application is closed)

All participants will receive copies of the materials for easy note-taking on the seminar day. Even if the instructor may only use parts of submitted writings for instructional purposes, all writings will be corrected and returned to every participant with a list of suggested areas for your own improvement that day or sometime after the seminar, depending on the number of participants and the instructor’s schedule.


Both sessions are open to everyone, and English will be the language of instruction. No units are given, however.


The instructor will be John Freeman, Project Professor in the Graduate Program in Sustainability Science-Global Leading Initiative who also teaches the regular courses in technical writing and presentation on campus. Both sessions will be held on the 1st floor of the Kashiwa Library, and the room will be posted near the library entranceway on the seminar day.


Application Procedure

Please apply from online application.

(Application is closed)


Please direct any questions to KIO. (

Updated: Sept. 7, 2017

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