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The 2nd Round of Technical Writing Seminar FY 2015

The Technical Writing & Presentation Courses were originally designed to stress speaking and presentation skills, however, classes specially focusing on writing skills are in high demand. In response, KIO will be holding 2-day technical writing seminar.

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Seminar Information

Part 1 How to write scientific papers that will get accepted

Day & Time :Feb. 26th (Fri)

11:00-12:00 session 1  Research misonduct: kow it to avoid it

13:00-14:30 session 2 Writing to Publish:Essentials

15:00-16:30 session 3 How to prepare for a submission

Venue: Media Hall, Kashiwa Library, UTokyo

Lecturer:Ms. Mari Nishikawa (Cactus Communications (Editage) )

 Part 2 Common Errors in Technical Writing for non-native English-speaking authors

Day & Time :March 4th (Fri)  

13:00-14:30 session 1 Reviewing important points of technical writing

15:00-16:30 session2 Correction student writings

Venue: Media Hall, Kashiwa Library, UTokyo

Lecturer:Prof. John Freeman (GSFS, UTokyo)


Application Procedure

Please apply from online application.

Please direct any questions to KIO. (

Updated: Feb 24, 2015

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