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Housing Information

Private Apartment

Kashiwa campus is located in a residential area, and therefore, it is relatively easier to find an apartment compared to Tokyo area. Please take a look at;

Basic Knowledge of House Hunting PDF

for general information for when you look for a private apartment in Japan. The Kashiwa International Office does NOT look for a private apartment for you before you arrive. You will have to find an apartment by yourself, after you arrive in Japan with help of your tutor.

*Note 1: There is no restriction of duration of stay when you directly have a lease contract with a landlord.

*Note 2: The University has a guarantor system in which you can ask the University to act as a guarantor. This service is only for students whose visa status is “student”.

Real estate agencies in Kashiwa and Nagareyama City
Real estate agencies providing information in foreign languages

You may find the information of apartments around the Kashiwa Campus.

Requirements checklist PDF





*The University of Tokyo is not responsible for the contents of external websites linked to this website. Persons searching for private accommodations through these search engines are advised to examine the terms and conditions of a contract with care before signing.

Other Private Accommodations (Housing Office) NEW

You can get some information on apartments around the Kashiwa Campus from the Housing Office website.

 Information on Apartment Houses for International Students & Researchers


JST International Residence for Researchers

In Tsukuba city, JST provides International residence (Ninomiya House and Takezono House) for foreign researchers. All rooms are fully-furnished and no deposit required.

JST International Residence for Researchers
<Ninomiya House / Takezono House> (English)


Find Apartments from Train Route Map (Japanese page only)

The University of Tokyo CO-OP

University Guarantor system

Student can apply either on Kashiwa Campus (at KIO) or Hongo campus (at International Students and Researchers Support Group ). *You have to go to Hongo Campus at least once wherever you apply.


Some foundations run domitories for international students. Please refer to their web pages for detailed information.

Wakeijuku Foundation (Men's Domitories only)

Kyoritsu International Foundation (Men's and Women's Domitories)


Last Updated: Aug. 7, 2017

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