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University Guarantor System

The University of Tokyo has a guarantor system in which you can ask the University to act as a guarantor. This service is only for students whose visa status is “student”. Applicants in Kashiwa Campus can visit Kashiwa International Office for most of the processes, but must visit the International Students and Researchers Support Group (ISRSG) office on Hongo Campus for STEP 3.

Click here to see the list of real estate agencies which will sign agreements when using the guarantor system. *Agencies that are not listed may not accept to use the system.


Eligibility Requirements

Enrollment at the University of Tokyo as an undergraduate, graduate, or research student; also students eligible to enroll into the University of Tokyo.

* Researchers are ineligible for the system

Must be in Possession of the status of residence "College Student"
Enrollment in the designated insurance (Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan)
If you plan to share the housing with others, they should be a member of your immediate family (spouse/child), or be international students who fulfill requirements 1–3 above.


Application Procedure (For international students on Kashiwa Campus)

step 1: Apply at the Kashiwa International Office (KIO)
(or download the necessary forms from below and go to step 2)

Submit a copy of your student ID and residence card, and receive the package of forms necessary for completing the subsequent procedures.

step 2: Submit Required Documents

Receive a copy of the draft lease contract and the two sheets of Guarantee of Tenancy (with agent’s seal) from the landlord or real estate agent, and submit them to KIO with other required documents. After all required documents is confirmed, an insurance payment slip will be sent to you by e-mail.

step 3: Receive the Apartment Tenancy Guarantee from International Students and Researchers Support Group (ISRSG) on Hongo Campus.
(3 working days after STEP 2)

Submit the premium receipt to ISRSG office on Hongo Campus and receive the two sheets of Guarantee of Tenancy (with guarantor’s seal) and take it to the landlord or real estate agent.

***Map of the office to apply on Hongo Campus (International Students and Researchers Support Group (ISRSG) )===>here

step 4: Submit a lease contract and Guarantee of Tenancy

After the signing the contract, submit the documents below to ISRSG.

1) a copy of the signed lease contract
2) a copy of the Guarantee of Tenancy (with the landlord’s seal)


Required Documents and Application forms
Document name

PDF File

  Required document Checklist
  Document for international student
  Document for the landlord or real estate agency
Form 1

Application for Guarantor

Form 2-1, 2-2 Guarantee of Tenancy
Form 3 Written Oath
Form 6 Letter requesting guarantor cover before enrollment at the University of Tokyo (Japanese only)



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April 4, 2016

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