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Housing Information

Accommodations Offered by the University of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo has dormitories for international students and researchers. Please see here for details.



Accommodations Leased by the University (Kashiwa-no-ha International Village)

International students/researchers may have difficulties in finding an apartment in Japan due to Japanese culture-specific customs such as deposits (shiki-kin), key money (reikin) and the guarantor system. To avoid these matters, the University concludes housing contracts with landlords and subleases the apartments to international students and researchers.

We provide some rooms at the Kashiwa-no-ha International Village (14 Fl. Mitsui Garden Hotel in front of Kashiwanoha-campus Station) for international students, researchers, and some Japanese students.

There are rooms for everyone belongs to the Kashiwa campus, and only for those who belongs to the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences (GSFS) .

Kashiwa-no-ha International Village


Private Apartment

Kashiwa campus is located in a residential area, and therefore, it is relatively easier to find an apartment compared to Tokyo area. Please take a look at;

» "Basic Knowledge of House hunting” (Japanese / English)
» "Basic Knowledge of House hunting” (Japanese / Chinese)

for general information for when you look for a private apartment in Japan. The Kashiwa International Office does NOT look for a private apartment for you before you arrive. You will look for a private apartment by yourself after you come to Japan with help of your tutor.


JST International Residence for Researchers NEW

In Tsukuba city, JST provides International residence ( Ninomiya House and Takezono House) for foreign researchers. All rooms are fully-furnished and no deposit required.

JST International Residence for Researchers
<Ninomiya House / Takezono House> (English)


Updated: Jan. 17, 2017

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