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Japanese Tea Ceremony Workshop I

【Event Details】

Date: June 25 (Sat) 13:00-15:00   
Place: International Lodge-Kashiwa Lodge
Content: You will learn the art of hand movements of Japanee Tea Ceremony.

*Tea Ceremony Sociery (a group of GSFS students) will teach you how to make and drink Japanese tea.

Fee: Free of Charge
Limits: 14 (International Students/reserachers studying/working at Kashiwa Campus and their family members)


   Please e-mail KIO at kio@kashiwaio.dir.u-tokyo.ac.jp with  following information.

 If you have a guest (family only), please also let us know information below.

*First-Come First Served!

 If you have an inquiry, please contact KIO(kio@kashiwaio.dir.u-tokyo.ac.jp).


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