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One-to-One Exchange Programs


One-to-One Cultural Exchange Program

One-to-One Cultural Exchange Program is a program for international students of the University of Tokyo to meet with Japanese volunteers on one-to-one basis. Foreign faculty, researchers, and their family members are also welcome to join this program.

Meeting a local person can help you settle into University life, learn more about Japan, enhance your experience of studying abroad and increase your understanding of local traditions and customs.

Although the language will be in Japanese basically, a high level of Japanese language proficiency is not necessary. You can use other languages such as English at first.

We hope that this program will give you an opportunity to learn more about Japanese traditions, customs and language, and ultimately make your life bright and prosperous.



Who are the Japanese volunteers ?

The Japanese volunteers are very varied – ranging from the University of Tokyo staff, to faculy and students, and community members of Mitsui Volunteer Network. Family members of student, faculty and staff of the University of Tokyo could also be your Japanese partner. All Japanese volunteers are interested in meeting and helping you to feel at home.


▶ What can I expect from One-to-One Cultural Exchange Program ?

"One-to-One Cultural Exchange Program" is very flexible – your volunteer partner might want to meet you for a cup of coffee, or go sightseeing with you. Whatever you and your volunteer partner decide to do together, you can be certain it will help to enhance your experience of Japan, and help you engage with local customs and traditions.

Here are some examples of activities:

Practicing Japanese conversation

Going sightseeing together and learning about Japanese traditions and culture

Interacting with Japanese family


Remember your Japanese partner is a volunteer, so it’s important to be polite. Always say ‘thank you’ for things they might offer. If you are unable to continue this program because of your studies or other commitments, please let your partner know.


▶Application procedures

Step 1: Apply from online application form below.


Step 2: After submitting the application form, KIO will send you a list of applicants within days. If you find a partner who you wish to meet from the list, please e-mail KIO( with the following information:


        ・Your name

        ・Volunteer profile number

        ・2~3convenient dates and times for the first meeting


Step 3: KIO staff will arrange the first meeting and contact you after the day and time are decide.The first meeting will be at the KIO office.


  Online Application Form


*Please note that we may not be able to meet your expectations when your candidate partner has already matched up with another person. KIO staff will help arrange the first meeting only.

*KIO request all participants to submit a progress report to us within 3 months after the first meeting day in order to know how things are going with your volunteer partner. To improve our service, we also need your feedback and requests about this program.


▶Past record


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▶Lunch Party

Lunch Party for the applicants of One-to-one cultural exchange program was held on Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017.

15 international students, 1 foreign researcher and 11 Japanese volunteers joined the party.

Everyone seemed to enjoy interacting with other participants through delicious lunch and a fun game. Thank you for coming! We are planning to hold a lunch party in June 2018 so don't forget to join us next time.






Updated: Apr. 11, 2018

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