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We are looking for language exchange partners!

You can brush up your language skill through teaching the language you know to someone who speaks the language you're learning.

This program aims to help students, researchers, and staff on Kashiwa campus to learn about each other's language, to deepen mutual understanding of each culture and to promote friendship.


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Language Exchange Program

Participants :

Anyone who studies or works at Kashiwa campus, the University of Tokyo

How do I apply ?

Step 1 :

First, please register your information from online application form below.

Step 2 :

After submitting the application form, KIO will send you a list of applicants within days. If you find a partner who you wish to meet from the list, please e-mail KIO(kio.admatgs.mail.u-tokyo.ac.jp) the following information.

①Your name, ②ID No. of the partner, ③Convenient date/time for the first meeting (Several choices appreciated). KIO office may contact you when we find the person matchs your desires.

Step 3:

KIO staff will arrange the first meeting date and contact you after the date and time are fixed. The place is at KIO (Env. Studies Bldg. #124). "Language exchange Program" is completely flexible. You and your language exchange partner will decide what to do together, when and where to meet by yourselves.


Past record

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Frequently Asked Questions



Please see here to find out the statistics of the international students at the University of Tokyo.

International students and foreign researchers who are interested in meeting Japanese people and speaking in Japanese may also enjoy the One-to-one exchange program.



Kashiwa International Office

e-mail: kio.admatgs.mail.u-tokyo.ac.jp


Last Updated: May. 11, 2018

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