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Invitation to the tour to Kawagoe

We will visit Kawagoe city ,one of few places where the atmosphere of the town of Edo Era remain. We will visit shrines, temples and the lovely town of Kawagoe with many old houses.

If you want to join the tour,please inform me byNovember 6. First apply 40 persons are accepted.

After the visit of Kawagoe,we will chat at a restaurant near Kawagoe station at your option with additional expense. So if you want to join it,inform me also.

Date Novemver 16(Sat)

Ikebukuro station - Kawagoe station - Nakain Temple - Toshogu Shrine – Lunch - Kitain Temple - Kawagoe old town – Kawagoe Station(16:30)

Time & Place

9:00 :  at the center of the platform no.1 of Ikebukuro Station of Tobu Tojo Line(it connects to the the Ikebukuro Station of JR Yamate Line.

*Please buy a ticket for Kawagoe at 450 Yen)

Participation Fee

Students 1,500 Yen   Volunteers 2,000 Yen

*(16:30-18:00) Cats at a restaurant at your option     

Students 1,000Yen Volunteers 1,500Yen



Send an e-mail filling out below information by November 6!!

*A rain-or-shine event

Address Mr. Hisanori Tanaka <Foreign Students Supporting club, volunteer group consisted of alumni of the University of Tokyo>
e-mail address: hisanori_tanaka1125@fides.dti.ne.jp
Information 1) Name 2) Nationality 3) Department 4) Mobile phone number


Updated:Oct. 25, 2013

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