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Enoshima Island and Kamakura Tour

At Enoshima Island,  we  will enyoy a wonderful view of the Sagami Bay. After having a lunch there, we will visit  the Famous Grand Buddha, and so on, at Kamakura.
Enjoy what you experience! This tour won’t be cancelled in case of rain.

Date October 2, 2010
Visiting Course Enoshima Island →  Walk around the island → Lunch
→ Take EnoshimaTram →  Visit the Grand Buddha, and so on
→ Walk back to Kamakura Station
Meeting Place ① 9:00 at the front end of the platform (Yokohama side) of   
                   Shinagawa Station (no.11 platform)of JR Tokaido line
OR② 10:30 at the exit of Katase-Enoshoima station of Odakyu line
Participation Fee 1000 YEN

Send an e-mail filling out below information by 9/20!

   Address Mr. Hisanori Tanaka <Foreign Students Supporting club,
volunteer group consisted of alumni of the University of Tokyo>
  e-mail address: hisanori_tanaka1125@fides.dti.ne.jp
   Information 1) Name 2) Nationality 3) Department 4) Mobile phone number
5) Meeting place


Updated: 9/6/2010

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