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ANA Haneda maintenance facility one-day tour


We will visit ANA Maintenance Facility in Haneda Airport area and observe airplanes which aircraft maintenance crews work on. Ordinary maintenance facility tour is only for Japanese people, but this tour is especially arranged with English explanation for you.

After that, we will take a lunch break at Odaiba (2 hours) so that you can enjoy Odaiba (main features: Rainbow Bridge, Gundam Statue) by yourselves.

* lunch is not included.



February 28 (Thusday)

Visiting Course

Kashiwa Campus(7:45) → ANA Haneda maintenance facility → Odaiba → Kashiwa Campus (16:30)

Meeting Time/ Place

7:30 /
Next to the security office, Kashiwa Campus


*If you need to leave the tour from Odaiba, you should inform us when applying for this tour. In such a case, the insurance of the tour does not cover the way after you leave the tour.

For application, please e-mail Kashiwa International Office (KIO) at with the following information by Feb 18.

*Capacity: 40 applicants (on a first-come-first-served basis.)

  e-mail address

Kashiwa International Office


  1. Number of participants
  2. All participants’ names
  3. All Participants’ affiliations (GSFS, ISSP, AORI, ICRR, CSIS, RACE, IPMU, etc.)
  4. All participants' status (students & researcher - first priority and family member - second priority)
  5. All participants' nationalities
  6. Japanese language ability - Please clarify If you or your family members need an English interpreter or not.
  7. All Participants' mobile numbers 

If you would like to bring your family member with you, please let us know their information when you are applying. However, students and researchers have a priority for this event, and we cannot guarantee your family member’s  participation. We will close the entry on Feb 18 for students and researchers, and if there are still some rooms, we will give a chance to the family members.

Small children (under 7 years old) are unable to join this event.




Updated: Feb.4 2013


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