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Regional and community partnership and exchange,and promotion of learning

The Kashiwa Campus promotes the activities of education, and exchanging with local communities, in cooperation with Chiba Prefecture, Kashiwa city, Nagareyama city and other local bodies.


Open campus


Urban Design Center Kashiwa-no-ha (UDCK)


Public lectures


University Consortium Tokatsu


Cooperation with the Tokatsu Techno Plaza

Tokatsu Techno Plaza, established by Chiba prefecture, is an organization that provides support for corporate research and development in the prefecture. The University of Tokyo participates in the following projects:

Cooperation with the Todai Kashiwa Venture Plaza

  • The Todai Kashiwa Venture Plaza was established by the
    Organization for Small and Medium Enterprises and Regional
    Innovation Japan. It provides support to small and medium
    venture firms that aim to research and develop new products
    and new technology or to enter new technology fields based on
    university discoveries and inventions. The University of Tokyo
    cooperates with many of the firms involved.


Cooperation with Sawayaka Chiba Kenmin Plaza

  • Sawayaka Chiba Kenmin Plaza is the prefectural complex facility for lifelong learning as well as art and culture. The University of Tokyo sends a lecturer for their Kashiwanoha Academia Lecture, and also provides lectures and the tours about advanced technologies and environment concerns.


Updated: Dec. 14, 2015

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