Kashiwa International Office,The University of Tokyo

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Kashiwa International Campus Project

The Kashiwa campus ideal is to conduct exploratory trials in transdisciplines by means of adventures in knowledge so as to create new academic disciplines. In order to form and develop an international research center, the large-scale research facilities and research exchange and cooperation facilities that constitute its core are being improved. With that as a foundation, researchers are engaging in exchange and cooperation as a step toward dramatic developments in research, with the goal of accumulating knowledge in their academic disciplines.

In April 2006, the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences completed its move to the new campus, where its offices and departments are starting up full-scale research and educational activities together as initially planned. In order to make the ideal of the Kashiwa International Campus a reality, it will also be necessary to carry on with the further international amassing of academic knowledge while actively promoting regional partnership, industry-academia cooperation, and other such forms of lateral support. One further step that appears promising is improvement of the Kashiwa-no-ha Station Campus (provisional name).

Features of the Three Campus Plans

The functionality of the Kashiwa international campus will be greatly enhanced when the three campuses become organically linked. It is further expected to contribute to the formation of policy for government administration and public research institutions and the formation of new research centers, promote the structuring of knowledge on environmental problems and other such issues, facilitate the exploration of frontiers in research, and serve as a locus for the development of new fields for research.

Kashiwa Campus

Kashiwa Campus II

Construction is scheduled for sports facilities, an international lodge, and other such amenities that will take advantage of this excellent environment in a green natural setting.

Kashiwa-no-ha Station Campus (provisional name)

Action Plan

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Campus and Urban Community Development

University of Tokyo joined with Chiba Prefecture, Kashiwa City, and Nagareyama City, as well as with private-sector corporations such as Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., to start a non-profit organization known as KACITEC. The purpose of this NPO is to conduct operational trials in active utilization of IT for urban development. KACITEC is engaged in trials, including the operation of an on-demand bus system. Further details can be found here.

Wide Area Partnership in Areas Bordering the Tsukuba Express Line

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