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Development of the Kashiwa campus into an international campus

The campus is sited in the Kashiwa district, which provides a rich natural environment on the Tokyo border, about 30 km from the city. The urban infrastructure has been improved, with the Tsukuba Express Line and other facilities. Kashiwa has also been designated a special zone for creation of new industry by the national government, and receives institutional support as such. Our goal is to make Kashiwa into a new international campus that takes full advantage of the environmental and societal benefits of this location while also establishing close collaborative links with the regional community.

The University of Tokyo, Chiba University, Chiba Prefecture, and Kashiwa City are cooperating on surveys and research for the promotion of a Kashiwa-no-ha International Campus Town Plan. Studies will be made of a basic policy for land use, promoting improvement of university and related research institutions and facilities, inducements for private-sector facilities and activities, improvement of public facilities and utilization of existing facilities, and an amicable environment for exchange.

Kashiwa International Campus Plan

UDCK: Kashiwa-no-ha Campus City Urban Design Center

UDCK was founded as a center for discussion, exchange, and operational trials directed to the improvement of a city plan and a high-quality environment for Kashiwa-no-ha international campus town.

Integrated Environmental Design Program (IEDP)

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