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Facilities that make up the Kashiwa Campus

Graduate school of Frontier Science

It is made up of the Division of Transdisciplinary Sciences, the Division of Biosciences, the Division of Environmental Studies, and the Department of Computational Biology. All of them share the mission of solving the challenging problems facing humankind through the pursuit of education and research on the frontiers derived from established disciplines.

Division of Transdisciplinary Sciences

Department of Advanced Materials Science
Department of Advanced Energy
Department of Complexity Science and Engineering

Division of Biosciences

Department of Integrated Biosciences
Department of Medical Genome Sciences

Division of Environmental Studies

Department of Natural Environmental Studies
Department of Ocean Technology, Policy, and Environment
Department of Environment Systems
Department of Human and Engineered Environmental Studies
Department of Socio-Cultural Environmental Studies
Department of International Studies
Graduate Program in Sustainability Science

Computational Biology

Depatment of Comutational Biology


Research Center for Total Life Health and Sports Sciences
Center for Omics and Bioinformatics
Bioimaging Center

Institute for Cosmic Ray Research (Nationwide Collaborative Laboratory)

Main Research Projects

High Energy Cosmic Ray Division
Nuetrino and Astroparticle Division
Inter-University Reserches


Norikura Observatory
Akeno Observatory
Kamioka Observatory

Institute for Solid State Physics (Nationwide Collaborative Laboratory)

Main Research Projects

Division of New Materials Science
Division of Condensed Matter Theory
Division of Nanoscale Science
Division of Physics in Extreme Conditions
Division of Advanced Spectroscopy


Synchrotron Radiation
Maerials Design and Characterization Laboratory (MDCL)
Neutron, a nano-probe in materials science
International MegaGauss Science Labratory

Ocean Research Institute(Nationwide Collaborative Laboratory)


Phsysical Oceanography
Chemical Oceanography
Ocean Floor Geoscience
Marine Ecosystems Dynamics
Marine Bioscience
Living Marine Resources

Research Center

International Coastal Research Center
Center for International Cooperation
Center for Advanced Marine Research

Marine Research Linkage

Biosphere Environment

Center for Spatial Information Science (Nationwide Collaborative Laboratory)

Center for Climate System Research (Nationwide Collaborative Laboratory)

Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe

Kashiwa Library

Kashiwa Branch of the Environmental Science Center

Kashiwa Branch of the Health Services Center

Kashiwa Administration Department

Updated: April, 27, 2012

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