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One-day Bus Tour

- Kairakuen Plum Flower Festival & Mashiko Pottery -

Enjoy the Mashiko Pottery experience & the plum flowers at the historical Kairakuen Park.

Kairakuen was a landscape gardening project started by Nariaki Tokugawa. The park opened in July 1842. The name "Kairakuen" comes from a saying within The Book of Mencius which states, "The ancients would share the pleasures with people, so their pleasures would be hearty and deep."

At Mashiko Pottery, you can see the climbing kiln and make your own pottery! You would have your pottery at KIO office 2 months later after the firing.



February 22nd,  2014 (Saturday)

Visiting Course

Kashiwa Campus (8:30) → Kairakuen (10:00 - 11:00) → Mito AEON Mall (11:30 - 13:00 Break & Lunch) → Mashiko Town (14:00 - 16:00 Mashiko Pottery) → Kashiwa Campus (17:30)

Meeting Time/ Place

8:15 /
Next to the security office, Kashiwa Campus

Participation Fee 500 YEN 

*Fee for making pottery is included.

*Meals are not included. Bring your own lunch or eat out in Mito AEON Mall.



*This tour won't be cancelled in case of rain.

Application closed.




Updated: Feb.3, 2014

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