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Hamarikyu Garden and Asakusa

In June we will visit the beautiful Japanese garden, Hamarikyu and a joyful town Asakusa. From Hamarikyu Garden to Asakusa we will enjoy the river sideview of Sumida River from a Water Bus. Finally we will enjoy walking through the joyful street Nakamise in Asakusa.

Date June 15th (Sat.)

Shimbashi Station-Shio Cite-Hamarikyu Garden Water Bus 14:40-Asakusa 15:40-Nakamise Street-Sensoji Temple

Chats at a restaurant 17:00-18:00

Time & Place

12:30 pm

SL (Steam Locomotive) Square in front of the Hibiya Exit of JR Shimbashi Station (http://goo.gl/maps/xAbXl)
Participation Fee 1,500 YEN

Send an e-mail filling out below information by June 5th!!

Address Mr. Hisanori Tanaka <Foreign Students Supporting club, volunteer group consisted of alumni of the University of Tokyo>
e-mail address: hisanori_tanaka1125@fides.dti.ne.jp
Information 1) Name 2) Nationality 3) Department 4) Mobile phone number


Updated: May 23, 2013

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