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Asakusa Festival and Nakamise tour

You can experience a lot of gorgeous Mikoshis (portable Shinto shrines) and the exciting  atmosphere.We also visit Nakamise which is very popular traditional Japanese shopping area.

Date May 17th (Sat.)

Nakamise - Senso-ji Temple - Asakusa Shrine (Sanja Festival, Mikoshi)

Discussion (at the restaurant) : 16:00-17:00

Time & Place

13:00 Asakusa Station ticket gate (Tsukuba Express)


13:30 Asakusa Station G19(Tokyo Metro Ginza line) ticket gate (B1F)   *ticket gate for exit 5・6・7・8

*Not Eidan Asakusa sation !

Participation Fee

1,000 YEN

*including snack at the restaurant


Send an e-mail filling out below information by May 10th!!

Address Mr. Hisanori Tanaka <Foreign Students Supporting club, volunteer group consisted of alumni of the University of Tokyo>
e-mail address: hisanori_tanaka1125@fides.dti.ne.jp
Information 1) Name 2) Nationality 3) Department 4) Mobile phone number 5) Meeting Place (Using Tsukuba Express or not)


Updated: April 16, 2014

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