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Ajinomoto Food Factory & Research Institute Tour

Ajinomoto Co., Inc. is a company that produces food seasonings, cooking oils, frozen foods, sweeteners, amino acids and pharmaceuticals. The literal translation of ‘Aji no Moto’ is ‘Essence of Taste’.

Ajinomoto is active in over 100 countries and regions, and their worldwide activities are also introduced in this tour.

We will visit their food factories and research institute in Kawasaki City (Kanagawa Prefecture).

Their research institute is not usually open to the public, and so it will be an excellent opportunity to experience for you to see the inside of Japan’s leading company!.


March 12,  2012 (Monday)

Visiting Course

8:45 Kashiwa Campus→11:00-12:15 Break & Lunch (Umihotaru)→13:15-16:30 Ajinomoto Kawasaki Food Factory & Research Institute (13:30 Food Factory Tour→14:30 Mueum incl. Break→15:00 Food Research Institute Tour incl. Lecture) →19:30 Kashiwa Campus

Meeting Time/ Place

8:30 /
Next to the security office, Kashiwa Campus

Participation Fee Free of Charge

*This tour will not be cancelled in case of rain.

*Please bring your own lunch, or eat at the restaurant in Umihotaru.

☆Application has closed.


Updated: March. 1. 2011

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