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大学外にも、利用可能な相談窓口があります。 学内の相談窓口についてはこちら

There are various off campus advising facilities that you can use. Information for the on campus advising facilities can be found here.

1) 総合 General Advising

東京YWCA「相談室」(Tokyo YWCA Advising Room)

Provides necessary information and advising for international students. In principle, Japanese is the language used for advice/information. The group that is primarily responsible for advising is the "Japanese Mother's for International Students Movement" group.


(Monday - Saturday, closed Wednesday) 13:30-17:00
電話 (Phone):03-3293-5421

2) 法律系 Legal Advice

国民生活センター (National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan)
http://www.kokusen.go.jp/map/ (日本語Japanese)

http://www.kokusen.go.jp/ncac_index_e.html (English)

法テラス Japan Legal Support Center
http://www.houterasu.or.jp/ (日本語Japanese)
http://www.houterasu.or.jp/en/index.html (English)

3) 就職関連 Career Advice

東京外国人雇用サービスセンター Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners
http://tokyo-foreigner.jsite.mhlw.go.jp/ (日本語Japanese)
http://tokyo-foreigner.jsite.mhlw.go.jp/english.html (English)

http://tokyo-foreigner.jsite.mhlw.go.jp/chinese.html (中文Chinese)


Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners (Nishi Shinjuku Center) is a public employment office specializing in providing job counseling and placement services for non-Japanese students holding a STUDENT 留学 status (visa) and non-Japanese specialists or technical experts holding a corresponding status (visa) who live in Japan and seek employment in Japan. The center is run by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Employment information and information on legal procedures regarding residing in Japan can be found on the website.

4) 交通事故相談関係 Traffic Accident Advising

電話や面談で、相談を受け付けています。Accepts advising in person or by phone.

千代田区霞が関1-1-3 弁護士会館3F 03(3581)1782

Nichibenren Traffic Accident Consulation Center
Bengoshi Kaikan 3F, 1-1-3 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku
http://www.n-tacc.or.jp/ (Japanese)

新宿区西新宿2-8-1 都庁舎第一本庁舎3F 03(5320)7733 (Japanese)

Tokyo Traffic Accident Consulation(Japanese)
Tokyo Government Building #1, 3F 2-8-1 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku

5) その他の生活情報 Other Information for Daily Life

●フリーマーケット情報等 Flea Market Information

information on local flea markets.

フリーマーケットに行こう! Let's Go to a Flea Market!
http://www2j.biglobe.ne.jp/~tatuta/ (Japanese)

リサイクル市民の会 Citizens Recycling Society
http://www.recycler.org/ (Japanese)

リサイクルショップの検索サイト Recycle Shop Search "Eco-Navi"
http://www.eco-navi.com/ (Japanese)

●家具・家電のレンタル Rental of Furnature or Electronics

滞在が短期の人、寮などに入る予定がある人は、家具・家電をそろえるより経済的な場合があります。インターネットで「家電 レンタル」などで検索してみてください。

Useful for those coming for a short stay or who plan to live in a dorm or other cases where it would not be economical to buy furnature or electronics.  Search with keywords such as "rental"  and/or "furniture."


What to do with furnature and electronics you no longer use or large sized trash

まだ使えるものは・・・If it can still be used...

地域のリサイクルショップが検索できます。見積もりや出張買い取りなどをしてくれるお店もありますので、大型家具・家電の 処理に困っている人には便利です。

Have a recycle shop purchase the item from you.

You can search for local recycle shops. Some shops will come to your home to inspect or pickup your items so it is useful for those who want to get rid of large furnature or electronics.

もう使えないものは・・・Items that can no longer be used


There are various rules that apply to disposing of irregular trash (items that are not included in burnable/non-burnable/recyclables) or furnature. Fees are also required to dispose of these items. There are specific rules for when disposing of certain items. (Fridge, freezer, TV, Air conditioning unit, washing machine)

Rules for other large sized items: Notify the center of the item before you plan to dispose of it and buy a stamp from a local convenience store. You will be given a specific day and place to bring the item for disposal. If you are moving or planning to move back to your country, and do not have a lot of time, please notify the center well in advance of your leaving date. You can also apply online or by phone.

手続きは住んでいる場所によって異なります。以下のサイトをご覧下さい。サイトに掲載のない自治体に住んでいる人は 、住まいのある市区町村のウェブサイトで手続きを確認してください。Procedures differ according to the area you are residing in. In case you live in the area which is not shown on the website, please refer to your local administration (city/ward office) website and follow their instructions.

粗大ゴミ受付センター Large Waste Item Disposal Homepage


*日本語、英語、中国語、韓国語で検索ができます。Available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.

●多言語の生活情報サイト Daily Life Information in Various Languages

東京都国際交流委員会 Tokyo International communication Committee
*日本語、英語、中国語、韓国語、やさしい日本語で検索ができます。Available in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Simple Japanese (with Hiragana/Katakana).


多言語生活情報 Multilingual Living Information(財団法人自治体国際化協会CLAIR)

*15言語で読めます。iOS, Androidアプリもあります。Available in 15 languages. iOS and Android applications are also available.