Necessary Procedures When Moving

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東京大学生協のHP http://www.univ.coop/prev/moving/unimove2.html



■在留カード 「居住地変更登録申請」(転入から14日以内)
■国民健康保険 居住地の市区町村役所で国民健康保険証を返却し、その後、新たに転入する市区町村役場で新しい国民健康保険証を発行してもらいます。
■郵便局 郵便局で転居届けの用紙をもらい、新住所等を記入し提出します。1年間新しい住所に転送してくれます。 手続き時には、本人確認が出来、住所が記載された身分証明書を持っていきましょう。郵便局のウェブサイトからも変更手続きが可能です。 http://welcometown.post.japanpost.jp/etn/

○家電リサイクル法指定の家電( 冷蔵庫・冷凍庫・テレビ・エアコン・洗濯機 )以外の粗大ゴミの捨て方

事前に何を捨てるか連絡をし、コンビニなどで購入した有料シールをはって、指定された日に連絡した場所に捨てる必要があります。引っ越しや帰国の際には、日程に余裕を持って申込をしましょう。電話やインターネットで申込が可能です。 手続きは住んでいる場所によって異なります。以下のサイトをご覧下さい。サイトに掲載のない自治体に住んでいる人は 、住まいのある市区町村のウェブサイトで手続きを確認してください。

粗大ゴミ受付センター https://sodai.tokyokankyo.or.jp/Sodai/V2Index/0/0


It is necessary to inform that you will be leaving before you move out. The period that you must do this is written in your rent agreement. It is usually 1 month before you plan to move out. If you do not inform your landlord or relator in time, you will have to pay rent for 1 month even if you are not living there any longer so please be careful. After you leave, depending on the condition of your room after it has been confirmed, you will get money back from your intial deposit.



You will need to submit a "Leaving Residence Notification" at the City or Ward office where you live and receive a "Certificate of Leaving" within 14 days of your move date. You will need to submit a "Incoming Residence Notification" at the City or Ward Office of the area you are moving to within 14 days of moving in. If you are moving to a new apartment in the same area, you will need to submit "Changing Residence Notification."

■Resident Card

「Registration of New Address」(Within 14 days of moving)
■National Health
Return your current Health Card to your Ward or City Office. You will be issued a new Health Card from the Ward or City Office of your new residence.
(If you have
Register for Child Allowance and Infant/Child Medical Certificate at your new residence's Ward or City Office.
You will need to notify your water, electric, and gas provider of when they should stop service to your old residence and start it at your new residence. You may need your customer number that is written on your montly receipts.
■Postal Service If you submit a "Change of Address" application to the post office, they will forward your mail to your new address for 1 year. You will need to present identication and you should bring documentation showing the address of your new residence. You can also register on the Post Office Website.
■Large Trash

 Large Waste Item Disposal Homepage:


   Available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. 

 Rules for other large sized items*: Notify the center of the item before you plan to dispose of it and buy a stamp from a local convenience store. You will be given a specific day and place to bring the item for disposal. If you are moving or planning to move back to your country, and do not have a lot of time, please notify the center well in advance of your leaving date. You can also apply online or by phone.

 Procedures differ according to the area you are residing in. In case you live in the area which is not shown on the website, please refer to your local administration (city/ward office) website and follow their instructions.

*There are specific rules for disposing of certain items, such as fridge, freezer, TV, Air conditioning unit, washing machine.