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国民健康保険 (National Health Insurance)

●窓口:居住地の区役所や市役所 (Registration at your local City/Ward Office)

在留資格「留学」を持ち、住民登録をする学生は、全員、国民健康保険に加入しなければなりません。 区役所や市役所で住民登録(住居地を定めてから14日以内)をする際に、国民健康保険にも加入してください。

All those with “College Student” status of residence (more than 3 months) must enroll into the National Health Insurance system. Please make an application for the insurance system when you reigster yourself at your local City/Ward office within 14 days of moving in your new residence.

●保険料 (Insurance Premiums)

Premiums depend on the municipality that you are registered. International students who claim no income tax can receive reasonable rates for their insurance premiums.

●国民健康保険に加入すると (What are the benefits of this insurance?)


70% of medical fees will be reduced. So, if you show your insurance card at the time of receiving medical treatment/prescription medicines, you will only need to pay 30% of the medical fees.

高額療養費制度 (High-Cost Medical Expense Benefit)


Assistance will be provided for high cost medical treatment. (However, some medical treatments that are not covered by the insurance system are not included.)

出産育児一時金制度 Childbirth Lump-sum


Childbirth Lump-sum is an allowance for childbirth and childcare (420,000 yen as of 2011) . Depending on the area you live, you may be able to receive an additional support from your municipality.

海外療養費 Medical Expenses Incurred Abroad

なお、 海外の医療機関で記入してもらい、帰国後に提出する必要がある書類があります。書類については、ウェブサイトからダウンロード可能です。

The medical expenses you paid abroad while you are temporarily visiting your home country or staying overseas may be reimbursed upon completing the application procedure and satisfying the conditions. Only the medical treatments that are covered by the National Health Insurance in Japan are applicable. For further details, please check the website of National Health Insurance at your local ward office. There are documents to be submitted in Japan when applying that you need to have filled in at the medical institution abroad. You can download some forms from the website.

文京区 Bunkyo-ku 国保年金課国保給付係

目黒区 Meguro-ku 国保年金課給付係



※In case you go abroad to attend an international conference, etc., it is highly recommended to buy travelar's insurance.

国民年金 (National Pension System)

If you are a spouse/researcher, please ask details at the International Center Advising Room. Faculty/Staff members and Researchers directly employed by UTokyo enroll in the Pension System offered by University, not in the National Pension System.

1. 国民年金とは

1. About National Pension System
The National Pension is a public pension system that provides pension benefits to an insured person when he/she reaches a pension age - the age of 65 according to the current (2017) law or becomes disabled. Regardless of nationality, all registered residents of Japan aged 20 to 59 years are obliged to enroll in the National Pension System.


(1) 役所での手続き

2.Enrollment Procedures
(1) Register at Municipal Office
① If you are 20 years of age or older when you enter Japan:
After completing resident registration, you need to register/enroll at the municipal office or Japan Pension Service branch office of the area where you reside. Extra procedure is required if you are a student or cannot afford to pay the contributions.
※For details, see 3. Exemption of the Contributions.
② If you are 19 years of age or younger when you enter Japan:
You will receive a “report of acquisition of qualifications for National Pension System” (KOKUMIN NENKIN HIHOKENSHA SHIKAKU SYUTOKU TODOKESYO) one month before you become 20 years old. You register/enroll at the municipal office. An extra procedure is required if you are a student or cannot afford to pay the contributions.
※For details, see 3. Exemption of the Contributions.


3. 保険料の支払いが困難なとき
(1) 正規留学生「学生納付特例制度」を利用

(2) 外国人研究生など正規留学生ではない人 ※正規生は対象外/申請不可。

3. What to Do If You Cannot Pay Contributions
There are contribution postponement and exemption systems. In principle, you need to make an application every year. (Depending on the amount of exemption, your application will be automatically renewed.)
(1) Regular/Matriculated International Students:
“Special Payment System for Students” for Matriculated (degree-seeking) International Students
This system allows you to postpone contribution payment by application. However, if your/your spouse’s income of preceding fiscal year (two years before if an application is made between January and June) exceeds the exemption limit, you may not be eligible.

(2) Non-Matriculated (non-degree seeking) International Students, such as International Research Students, etc.)
※Matriculated students are not eligible to apply for these systems.
① About Exemption
If you have difficulty in paying the contributions due to financial reasons such as low income (of previous/two years before), you can apply for the “Exemption of the Contributions.” If your application for exemption is granted, you will be exempt from contribution payments. There are four types of exemptions depending on your situations: full-amount, 3/4-amount, half-amount, and 1/4-amount-exemption.
② About Contribution Postponement System for Low Income Persons
If you are under 49 years (※) old and your/your spouse’s income is lower than a certain level, you can apply for this system. Your payment can be postponed if your application is granted.
(※) In July 2016, the age regulation changed from the age of 29 to 49.


4. 保険料の追納制度について

4. About Deferred Payment System for National Pension Contributions
If there are exemption and/or postponement periods, you can recover the past exempted/postpond contributions retroactively.


5. 卒業後の手続きについて
(1) 帰国するとき「脱退一時金制度」
(2) 就職するとき
(3) 進学するとき(学生の身分を続けるとき、研究生から正規学生になるとき)

5. Procedures Upon Graduation
(1) When Leaving Japan: “Lump-Sum Withdrawal Payment”
You can apply for the lump-sum withdrawal payment if you have the Japanese public pension coverage periods for 6 months or longer. Once you receive your payments, however, your coverage periods for the basis of the payments entitlement will no longer be valid to apply for other Japanese benefits. Therefore, you should carefully consider whether you claim for the lump-sum withdrawal payment or not, if you intend to be hired by a company in Japan in the future.
(2) When Hired in Japan
Your employer (e.g., company, laboratory, organization) is responsible for enrolling you in the social insurance system: e.g., KOSEI NENKIN (employees’ pension insurance), KYOSAI NENKIN (mutual aid associations), etc. You need to inform your employer of your “Basic Pension Number” (KISO NENKIN BANGO) for the enrollment procedure. If you have not been enrolled for the National Pension system while in the university, you need to register/enroll yourself at your local municipal (ward/city) office and you will be issued with your basic pension number.
(3) If Remain in University (as a student or change your status; eg. Research Student →Regular/Matriculated Student)
If you cannot afford to pay and wish to continue to use the special payment system for students, make an application every year.
For details, refer to “3. Exemption of the Contributions”


6. 母国の年金制度との連携/社会保障協定(年金加入期間の通算)

6. International Social Security Agreements with your home country (Totalization of coverage periods)
Under the agreement, you may be able to totalize the periods you paid contributions in Japan and in your home country. For details, check with the pension system of your home country.
※The agreements are subject to change and may contain additional terms. Obtain the most updated information.


【参考ウェブサイト Useful Websites】
○日本年金機構 「国民年金制度の仕組み(各種外国語でのご案内)」Japan Pension Service "Japan National Pension Sytem (Multiple Languages)"

○最寄りの年金事務所 http://www.nenkin.go.jp/section/soudan/
○Japan Pension System Brunch Office http://www.nenkin.go.jp/international/english/offices/offices.html