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International Center provides "Japanese language education" and "education and advising" to the 2,194 international students from 88 countries worldwide in the University of Tokyo. These programs are fundamental to the international students with different cultural background, aiming to study in various fields. The responsibility and function of International Center is extremely important.

We will, as a matter of course, make effort to reinforce the educational content, budget/facility and staff members of International Center, as well as promoting communication with international students to incorporate their opinion in the management of International Center.

With regard to the long-awaited enlargement of space, fortunately the space for Japanese Language Education Section, International Education and Advising Section, International Student Advising Room, and International Student Lounge have been enlarged, providing better environment to the users of these facilities. On the other hand, because the number of international students who entered the university this Spring has substantially increased, some students who wanted to take the Japanese language course this April had to wait until October.

Although there are still more to improve, staff members of International Center are making the best effort to play the important role to understand and support international students by accepting and understanding the cultural diversity of various coutnries. I appreciate the coutinuous support and cooperation by the international students and persons concerned.


April 1st, 2006
Hitoshi Sakano, Director of Center