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International Student Education and Advising
I am engaged in individual advising of international students, and also conduct surveys to improve the learning and living environment of international students and construct networks for it. I consider acceptance policies about international students from various angles of entry and stay, learning and living. I am groping to find a system for providing them with general support and to determine how Japanese people and society ought to change to realize this objective.
Japanese Language Education
I am researching the following areas:
1) Grammar of The Japanese Language. I have been analyzing and solving various syntactic problems, including "wa and ga", "X wa Y ga Z" sentences, which are traditionally very attractive problems of Japanese grammar. My study also covers various particles and auxiliary verbs, as well as viewpoints of semantics and pragmatics.
2) Honorific Expressions(Keigo). I have been engaged in the systematic theorization of Japanese keigo and have been studying various problems of contemporary keigo within the context of the history of keigo. My contribution in this field includes "keigo" (Kodansha Library of Academic Books).
3) The Design of Japanese Language Curriculum.
Based on my work regarding 1),2), I am also studying curriculum design which includes the appropriate selection of teaching materials, as well as the appropriate order and method of presenting those materials to the learner of the Japanese language (including the students of this center).
Nobuko NITSU
Japanese Language Education
I specialize in training methods for Japanese language teachers and developing teaching materials. My activities mainly include the following:
1) Studies related to mastering and instructing Japanese prosody applicable to Chinese native speakers
2) Development of teaching methods and materials of academic writing for foreign students
3) Establishment of Japanese education system in local areas
Currently I am interested in teaching "critical reading methods" of external information and references, which is associated with researching academic writing, and I am making analyses of reading and writing textbooks for Japanese and English non-native speakers.
Japanese Language Education
I am interested in the syntax and semantics of contemporary Japanese. I feel a thrillingly pleasant sensation in observing how unseen regulations and constructions are reflected in syntactic forms and I am now mainly studying noun modification constructions. I want to challenge the problem of how to apply knowledge acquired through the study of Japanese linguistics in actual Japanese language education, a problem which is old but unsolved.
Japanese Language Education
My specialty is Discoure analysis. I take up the level of "discourse / text," a level higher than a "sentence," as the subject for analysis and study the principles of its construction. More specifically, I analyze various elements that make discourse and text cohesive, using data produced by those who are native Japanese speakers as well as those who study the language. I also attend to develop a Japanese language teaching method especially on speaking and writing, considering the process of acquiring these elements by language learners.
Japanese Language Education
I am studying the grammar of modern Japanese, particularly topic-comment construction, paying attention to peripheral phenomena. My main concern is how the Japanese grammar system is reflected in each phenomenon, I consider specific questions that arise in daily lessons to elucidate necessary and sufficient rules for learners of Japanese as a second language.
International Student Education and Advising
My specialty is clinical psychology. I have been studying the psychological impact of cross-cultural contact. My clinical as well as reserch approach is based on community psychology, which emphasizes the impact of various environmental factors on individual psychological adaptation. I am also interested in constructing support system.